Dream Big

Dream Big

Do you have a dream or a passion that you want to accomplish? In today’s short post we are talking about dreamers, and some obstacles that you may face trying to achieve your dreams/goals.

As kids we dream but when we reach adult hood our dreams become overshadowed by doubt, fear, and instability. Our emotions can get the best of us and we become fearful of the cost our dream will have on us. We also can be over shadowed and overwhelmed by comparison and insecurity’s…when blogging you are putting yourself out there and people will judge you. It’s apart of life that we shouldn’t be afraid of it but embrace. It’s a growing process and what doesn’t kill us only makes us stronger, When I was beginning my blog I never dreamed I would have almost 370 people following it. I started it because I wanted to document my life, my pregnancies (which that barely happened) and it’s turned into a passion of mine to write. It’s open many doors and opportunities for me. One of those things has been stepping out with writing my books. But there has been a cost for pursuing my dreams and it has not been an easy one. Nor have I always stuck to a schedule or have been consistent in my writing. Achieving your goals can take money, hard work and keeping stability in emotions to achieve this goal of writing and YT.

In addition, I’m finding out you have to be confident in what you say because not everyone is going to agree with you and if you are not firm on identity and who you are then you will crumble. I stopped writing and pursuing the dreams I had because the emotional toll that I knew it would take and the time to build an online business would be hard…especially on today’s world where there is 1,000s of people trying to grab your attention.

Another thing is many people shorten their dreams and desires by overthinking and setting to high of a goal. I understand the tolls of anxiety and lies that are fabricated in our own heads that can stop us from advancing forward but the thing is most of those things are what ifs and not reality. In addition we tend to look at the end results of our dream instead of the process it takes to get there. If you can’t reach that end goal you might give up and decide blogging/whatever else is not for you. If you set lower goals that you can make you will see success in your blog and feel accomplished. It’s kinda like working out. Setting small goals and once you make that goal you set another one.

If you are a newer blogger or someone who just needs a reminder keep being consistent in your dreams and passions. Try not to compare yourself because your story is your story. Don’t take away the blessing you could be to someone else because you see someone else become successful instantly. Whether it takes years for your blog to become successful or minutes there is a valuable lesson to be learned in the process. All this to say dream big and don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. But I guess that is all for now. Please sub a dub dub to my blog!!

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    • Hello, that’s amazing you are choosing to blog. I did have the chance to look at your blog. I would say expand on the idea of why you are writing and be consistent. One of the biggest things that has helped me as a blogger ( but I don’t always do it) is posting once or twice a week at the same time and not over blogging. So happy you are deciding to blog and keep promoting yourself!

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