Obsessed With Perfection

As I am blogging and learning about YT, I have learned some valuable lessons. One being that people are obsessed with perfection. You have to have the perfect lighting, the perfect grammar, the perfect layout, studio, personality, wardrobe, and so on and so forth. Everything has to be perfect. But for a person like me, who already suffers from comparison and perfection at times, this can create doubt and a feeling that I’m not worth people’s time. In addition, it makes me feel devalued as a human being because I can’t afford nicer things.

But here is the thing….

I may never be perfect and I may never have a blog post go viral but I need to know that it’s OKAY to be imperfect! It’s more than okay. My goal should not to be as perfect as I can in what I am doing but to be willing to obey what God has guided me to do. To help others who may be feeling a lot like me. Flaws and all. I am human, not perfect. Of course I would love for things to look great but my inability to look amazing shouldn’t stop me from doing what God has called me to do. It’s not a valid reason to stop and sure I get discouraged because people do not follow me because of a few grammatical errooooorsssss and I’m not the typical social influencer.

I have to be okay with not being perfect and being willing to just be me. I need to know to my core that Jesus loves me and knows I am going to mess up. That’s why he died on the cross. Not to excuse my sin but to set me free from it. That I do not need to stay in bondage of my perfectionism and my insecurities. If I do not take him up in this then the act of dying becomes purposeless. I feel there are way more people out there like me than the social media influencer, who by the way, are probably in debt and emotionally miserable because they are trying to match someone higher than them or something they are not. That’s not success and no one should have to fake it to make it by putting themselves into debt. I only hope that if they show the messy imperfections that they are met with grace and understanding.

6 responses to “Obsessed With Perfection”

  1. I struggle with perfectionism too, and it’s hard! I recently got into planning/bullet journaling this year. Right now I use a pre-printed planner with drawings you can color in, but next year I want to create my own bullet journal with my own themes. Sometimes I can’t help comparing myself to the gorgeous, seemingly flawless pages on Instagram, and I lose confidence. I was watching a Zoom class about bullet journaling a few months ago, and the instructor said something that really stuck with me: “Don’t worry about being perfect, because if it was perfect, it wouldn’t look handmade!” 😊

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    1. I like that and I also think homemade items are the best!! Thank you for sharing your heart and reading!

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  2. I’m one of those people who actually gets put off by too much perfection and highly-polished content. For what it’s worth, I actually prefer a bit of reality on the blogs I read and channels I watch. I want to feel like I’m reading/watching a real person, not a mannequin. God bless! 🙂

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    1. Same here!! I like seeing the real deal not a facade.

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  3. Amen, Bethany! We none of us will ever be perfect in this time and beating ourselves up over it places the focus in the wrong direction. I personally don’t find it as helpful or encouraging to watch when someone has everything “just so”. I much prefer when someone is just who they are and lifts the name of Christ high. Keep doing what He’s called you to and know that those who need to hear it will come.

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    1. Thank you! I agree with you and keep reminding myself daily that God is in control.

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