Pain In The Purpose

I love the story of Moses. If you don’t know who Moses is he was an Israelite, who was found in the river by pharaohs daughter, grew up as a prince, murdered an Egyptian man and then ran away for fear of his life. I love this story because God used an imperfect man to do the will of God. Not only that but this story has helped me realize just how long it can take to fulfill the purpose that God has for you. In the story we see the Israelites crying out to God to set them free but it took time for Gods plans to happen. When Moses went to Pharaoh he was 80 years old and his purpose was not quick and easy to do. It was nerve racking, and gruesomely long.

Now, You would think if God appointed you with his own voice to do something you would do it without a doubt, right?? Wrong! Moses is constantly questioning what God is saying, and probably wondered if who he was speaking to was really God. But God, in his kindness, tells him that he is the great I AM, gave him 3 signs to show the people, and that he would be with him throughout this task. But Even after all that Moses still said “I’m not the man for the job because I can’t speak well.” (Paraphrased) God had to appoint Aaron to help him out on the journey and they made their way to pharaoh.However, when Moses went to pharaoh God harden his heart so he would not let the Israelites go. He did not have success the first time, the second time, third or even fourth time. He did not have success until the 12th time!! Like OMG….I mean you would think he would have quit the 3rd time, right?? Or is that just me??? Heck, I probably would have quit before I got started…not really but I’d probably think about it and count the cost of it all. I Just imagine the rejection wounds Moses must have had to go through every time pharaoh said no.

“Let my people go…..”


“Okay I’ll come back tomorrow.”

It makes me wonder what would have happened if Moses decided that he heard the Lord wrong or that the plan wasn’t working. The Israelites would still have been in bondage and I imagine the purpose God had for his people would have been prolonged. In my own journey, I’m realizing there is an importance in being obedient, patient, and keeping a persistent heart. Being Persistence and being obedient when no one is watching is hard to do especially when nothing huge is happening. Most days I have few but meaningful conversations in my posts that I am super grateful for because some days I feel like I’m just writing an online journal. But saying that, I realize you can’t conjure up the plans yourself. Like I’ve tried and I am personally worn out that God told me in a dream to rest. (Read dream here.) That’s not how God wants you to advance and if you have to muster it up in your own strength then it’s not from God but your own human desires. You have to listen and obey Gods will no matter what but you have to take it step by step.

This is very hard for me to do as I am an end goal visionary and can see the end results. In addition, I forget that Gods goals are my goals not vis versa. I have a hard time with the steps to get there and become impatient. In addition, my way isn’t working and I’m feeling frustrated wondering “is this really what God told me.” I am going to keep moving forward but this time I’m doing it Gods way. I’m going to keep going back to that calling even when no one notices, cares, listens, it’s hard or seems impossible financially…. God can work impossible situations but what He can’t work with is a person who decides the journey isn’t worth it and gives up before they start. In the past, I have turned away from Gods will and wonder where I would be if I had listened to God the first time. I realize that I need to write, for my happiness and God first before putting anyone else’s needs first. I realize that turning away from Gods plan is passive disobedience. Don’t get me wrong He will love you, use you and be happy with you but your choice to disobey won’t bring you the full outcome that God has for you nor will it advance Gods plans for this world. I urge you to stay with your calling, listen to Gods voice throughout the process, and be obedient. Just like Moses didn’t know what his actions would bring about but God used him in many powerful ways and blessed him for it too. So, you never know if it your actions will set in motion change in the atmosphere around you. Hope you enjoyed my thoughts for the day! Please check out my other postings on faith in the menu bar and subscribe to my blog. Thanks!

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