Love The Body You Have

So the Lord has put this topic on my heart and I felt that it needed to be shared…said everyone who ever had an inspiration from the Lord 😉! But it’s true! Okay now that I’ve gotten my sass out of the way let’s get to the real topic of this post. The other day I found myself complaining to my husband that I didn’t look good. That I wasn’t skinny enough, my skin has stretched, and that I hated my love handles. I felt inadequate spiritually, physically, and emotionally. However, God did not let me get away with that kind of talk and actually reprimanded me. As I was doing dishes I felt God say “Do you know that those words hurt me? Not only do they hurt me but how do you think those words effect people who have bigger insecurities about themselves. These words spoken can hurt.”

You see I never took in consideration of how others felt or the repercussions of my words. Nor did I think before I spoke these words. I never realized that my complaining about my insecurities could hurt someone else..let alone God. Not that God holds a grudge but he does communicate what displeases him. God has made me beautiful yet when I complain I’m basically telling God he could have done better. I knew I was complaining because I was seeking validation but I was trying to get it in a negative way. I was trying to fill a void of insecurity with all the wrong reasons. Also if my pregnant self heard me complain; I would have cried. I was 65 lbs heavier than what I originally was and if someone started saying “oh I wish I was a few pounds lighter” when they barely had to lose weight; I would have thought I looked like a sack of potatoes. Big women are beautiful. It’s society that creates a skewed vision of them. In addition, my comments do not help the situation. If I want to see change in society it starts with my mouth and attitude. In addition, I know my kids look to me for a role model. If they see me complaining about minor things; they may start nitpicking the way they look too.

So, skinny girl start LOVING your body and adoring the extra stuff to it. It’s apart of something that makes you unique. Start seeing people as beautiful no matter what the scale says. And most importantly, instead of being negative praise the Lord for the workmanship he has made. I will Praise the Lord for making me so well. That my body is in good health, has memory marks, a few places with extra padding, and that I am beautiful. I am more apt to accept the way I look when I know the importance of who I am to the Lord. That doesn’t mean I won’t struggle or not allowed to have insecure moments but it helps me remember my identity in Christ. What places do you need to replace with positive affirmations?

I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.

Psalms 139:14

7 responses to “Love The Body You Have”

  1. […] my heart in despair. Recently, I wrote a post about negative talk and wanting to love my body. (Click here) I am trying so hard to follow my own advice yet I still find myself struggling. I think it has a […]

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  2. I’m going to say “no.” I dislike this idea of me having to love my body. Can’t I just be ugly in peace? 😄

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    1. ❤️ i struggle with loving my body too.


      1. I meant that it seems like a bit of a distracting goal to feel like you have to LOVE your body. It’s just a body. Taking care of it the best we can is good enough 🙂 👍


        1. Apart of loving your body is taking care of it the best we can and thinking kindly of it. To appreciate the body we have been given. As a person who has struggled with body image, I have given more energy trying to be fit, and being negative to myself than loving it…therefore, instead of distracting myself with negative goals I’ve replaced them with being positive…hope this makes sense and thank you for your thoughts! 😊


          1. Oh, I’m really sorry to hear that. I hope that the Lord guides you in your new, more positive way of thinking! 🌟❤️ Everyone is worthy of love and respect, no matter what 🙂

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          2. Yes, I agree. It’s taken me years but I’m getting there.


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