Realistic Prayer Time

I’m a mom of two kids so Jesus time doesn’t look the same everyday nor does it always look great. Sometimes my Jesus time is a quick hi to God while other days its a worship session. Also I’d like to add that I’m not a morning person so a lot of my time with Jesus is in the day or night. It’s not that I dislike morning time with Jesus but it’s not always feasible for me to do it when I’ve been up all night with a kiddo. The good news is, spending time with God comes in many forms and I don’t think we should be set to a “one size” fits all time with Jesus. What I mean is we can’t all worship, praise and connect with God the same way.

I feel that the church, and Christian social influencers, portray worship one way when in reality it’s messy, meaningful and not always picture perfect. I also would like to add while most moms wake up at the crack of dawn with their coffee in hand; this image just doesn’t fit me. As a mom, Jesus time is in the bathroom, a step outside for a breather, listening to worship music, spending time with God in the morning/evenings or sometimes holding a child when they are sick or crying and you have no idea how to comfort them. I do not always wake up, get a cup of water nor do I stretch and sit on the floor in peace. Sometimes I have kids in the background, and sometimes I pray with my kids. Sometimes I journal what I feel or praying for. Sometimes I worship, and sometimes I say silent prayers. Sometime spending time with God isn’t even in the day!!

*gasp, you heathen*

BUT this is reality and reality isn’t always pretty. Now I’m not saying that we shouldn’t choose to make time for him but we should not view jesus time as a chore. It should come naturally in the way we connect to God. Jesus time is not always peaceful nor is it perfect in this mommas life but the times I do spend with God are deep and meaningful because I do it my way. God meets me in the long pray and the quick simple, “Good morning Lord” or “help me Jesus.” He meets me where I’m at and when I’m asleep. Now, if your Jesus time does work in the morning because that’s when you get the most life then that’s awesome!! But don’t tell people they have to do this in order to hear/connect from the Lord. You can talk and spend time with the Lord anywhere and how you please. Not a morning person? Alright night time devo it is!

As long as you are trying your best to find Jesus and being obedient to his will then you are on the right path. God takes pleasure in our relationship and obedience. He doesn’t want some robotic worship time where it feels forced. Jesus time should bring life and connection to God. A safe space where God can guide us, ask us to repent of sins, and to be intimate with Him. When we copy others bible routine rather than focusing on Jesus, It takes away the uniqueness of the relationship. If God said “wake up at 5:30 for the rest of your life” then do it because he asked you too. Don’t do it to show religious statues or because that’s how your preacher finds most life. Do what connects you to God the most and do not feel guilty when you do it that way. How do you spend your mornings??

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7 responses to “Realistic Prayer Time”

  1. Trust in Jesus Christ always and never stop on praying because He knows all about our problem and He Will open His miracle ways for us…🙏🙏

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    1. Thank you for the wisdom 🥰


  2. What a great post, anytime and anywhere is a wonderful time to pray. I generally wake up early to enjoy the quietness before the day starts.


  3. Most definitely relate! I have never been a crack-of-dawn type, but much more a grab-what-I-can sort of person. Being a mom certainly made it that much more a necessity, particularly during the single motherhood years and the special needs diagnoses.There are only so many hours, after all, and I have learned that it’s foolish to feel guilty for taking time to care for the ones He entrusted to me. Instead, I have sought to include Him in everything I do-worship while I do dishes, pray as I fold the clothes, talk scripture with the kids as I interact with them. I do grab my Bible when the window opens-which is usually after they are off to school, depending on the responsibilities of the day. I can get overwhelmed if I have a set devotional plan-it starts to feel like an obligation I can too easily get behind on. So, I will more often pray about where to go in the Word and head where I feel led. Lately, that’s taken me to the Gospels, a story at a time. It’s great to just take bits and really absorb them.


  4. Awesome post 🙂 I recently spent my mornings re-reading Deuteronomy, and that was interesting. Now I’m re-reading Joshua. Just coffee and Bible time, but I don’t yet have kids, so I can do that. Take care 🙂

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    1. That’s awesome! Thanks for reading!

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