The Bull & The Wrangler


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It was a beautiful day and I had sent the boys to go play outside. However, a beautiful day turned into panic quickly. I turned my back and they were gone. I looked behind my fathers barn but they were nowhere to be found. I looked out back and saw a crippling sight. The cattle drive was going through our land and they must have been out there somewhere. Then I saw the cattle driver and the bull that had been wrangled. My kids where next to the bull but untouched by the massive heard or the strength of the bull. They were unharmed and safe. They sat on the bull with smiles on their faces. Obviously this was a dream but it had a big significant meaning to me.


The Lord reminded me that He protects my kids when I am not present or able to. When I had my first kiddo I didn’t realize the bout of anxiety that would over come me with fear. I mean this was crippling fear. My heart would pound, my hands would become sweaty and I tried to do everything I could possibly do to protect my kid…even stay up at night to make sure he wouldn’t die in his sleep…fast forward to my second kid, I’m a lot more confident and secure in my parenting skills. I’ve learned some major lessons and Throughout the years I have realized that I can not protect my kids out of my own human power ALL the time. They are going to make mistakes and they are bound to get hurt, it’s just a part of life. Another reason my anxiety has lessened is because I have learned it’s better to cast my fears to the Lord than to try to do everything myself. He knows the plans He has for them and he controls the fear that lurks in the darkness. We just have to choose to cast it to his feet instead of deal with it ourselves. The Lord protects those who follow and love Him. Ps yes my son was pointing at the timer on the camera…a precious moment..I know. How can I pray for you today??

2 responses to “The Bull & The Wrangler”

  1. What a beautiful post! I always prayed for my kids and their safety. I had five kids and believe me when I say, their angels were working overtime- and probably still do!

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    1. I get you 100% on the angels working overtime! Thank you for reading:)

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