Resting In December

It’s December 2, 2020. God has told me to rest time and time again but every time I try to rest I get the thought of “something needs to be cleaned. I need to workout. I need to keep striving and writing on my blog…” so on and so forth. Furthermore, I have kiddos to watch, a house to maintain and little projects to do here and there. I feel like there is no time to actually sit down and take a breather. But I also am feeling burnt out and over worked. I feel that I am giving a lot with very little in return…I also would be lying if I said I didn’t need to rest but I so very much so need a breather..or vacation 😅

And another good reason I don’t rest is that I have no CLUE how to rest. It’s hard for me to trust that God will provide all I lack while I’m resting. However, the Lord said to be obedient to this and so I’m going to be obedient as best I can. So December is going to be a month where I write about my rest journey…or write very little. I’m going to learn how to sit down and take it easy and make a conscious point to try to do less. I do know there is an importance in resting as Jesus even rested himself. Rest is so essential to life yet not a lot of us do it because of the fear of what if.

So if you are in a season where you need to rest I urge you to join me! Also if you have any suggestions comment down below!!

5 responses to “Resting In December”

  1. […] recently I wrote a post on how I’m taking it easy in December to rest, regain focus, and get grounded in God again..which that is a constant. As I’m resting I’m […]

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  2. I have the same restless energy and usually just work right through my burnt out feelings, but this past year has decided to take me a step past burnt out and straight into exhausted. I have, though, learned to refocus my attention from all the things I “need” to do and use some of it to turn to the things I enjoy. It’s actually helped me feel more relaxed overall while also making me feel like I’m still constantly in motion. I hope you find some rest this month!

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    1. Thank you! Maybe I need to shift my attention on more things I enjoy too!!

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  3. It helps me to listen to music when I rest in the presence of God

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    1. I love singing and worshiping. I will say my Jesus time has been a little hazy because I have a lot on my mind. Thank you for sharing 🥰

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