Being Cut Off

Okay this is getting to funny to be real. So I’ve tried to do some personal desires of mine this year however God has said to step back and rest. And boy am I starting to get the picture but I’m in like a “rest” mentally if that makes any sense. I keep trying to do “restful” things but they end up not working. It’s like God is physically telling me no. How do I know? Well the other day I was just super happy about how my banana plant was growing and I couldn’t wait for it to bloom. I wanted to show y’all the process and the growth of it but the next day it legit decided it was to cold and died. Like all the other days it was fine but then the next day it died!? Then I had some mint and the mint was doing alright in a jar with water so I decided to plant it with some soil. Again the next day it died.

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It keeps happening to things and it’s not just plants that it’s happening to. My right foot has had plantar fasciitis for the last two months and I’ve not been able to workout or do a lot of anything. I was a massage therapist so I’ve been massaging, hydrotherapy, and using a roller ball but whatever is pinched is not un-pinching. My kids book needs about 5,300 dollars but I don’t have the funds for that so that’s put on the shelf. My macrame is going slow but it’s nothing fancy and I’m not selling it. My cooking has gone south and my looks well why bother. Instagram, Facebook and YT are a plop and to be honest I’m barely hanging here too. Every personal thing has come to a halt. So I’m thinking when God said to rest he meant don’t do anything at all. I mean I shouldn’t be upset by the fact that God is literally pushing me to rest and/or go to bed….and maybe put on some jammies. I shouldn’t be complaining but I feel like an over tired toddler who wants to stay awake yet needs sleep. I don’t know has this happened to anyone before where God literally physically cuts you off from anything you try to do? Am I crazy??

3 responses to “Being Cut Off”

  1. No, not crazy, just being challenged! You have a whole list of things that aren’t working out, and now you’re being challenged to maybe think a little outside of the box, to let new ideas come in. To be honest, I’m in much the same place as you. I’ve seen so many wishes, dreams, and plans just collapse over the years no matter how much I put into them, but I trust it’s for a reason and hopefully it’s all leading me to where I need to be. Sometimes it’s time to just stop trying and let things come as they will.

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    1. That is wise advice and something I need to learn to do “let things come as they will.”

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      1. It’s hard won wisdom. Came with a lot of failure, but a lot of unforeseen opportunities as well. Best of luck!

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