Gods Purpose For Women

The last two years, I felt a need to address how people view women and Gods purpose for them. There is a lot to say in this so I’ll try to sum it up as best as I can. God has indeed created a beautiful calling for women to be nurturers and caretakers of our home. I know first hand that it is a great honor to be able to be a homemaker. I know I have enjoyed taking care of my family, the chores and having the ability to work from home. I even know that people have made fun of or judged homemakers harshly for the way they choose to live…which doesn’t bother me in the slightest because I’m secure in the decisions I’ve made. However, it bothers me when I hear the phrase “a woman should be home, taking care of the littles, or that’s where you should be” spoken to me. Whenever I hear this phrase, I always have a check in my spirit. I know for myself I love being a stay at home mom and would choose this over anything else but I also know some moms/women do not share the same sentiments as I do. Some women dream of being a police woman, a manager, a writer or CEO. Some moms have the ability or the desire to homemake while some moms want/need to work. I don’t feel that homemaking is the only thing women are supposed to do in life. I don’t even think it’s biblical..as I have seen God use women to glorify God in powerful ways other than just being a homemaker.

Another thing that rubs the wrong way is when people just use women, abuse them, and take credit for their work.. God did not create women to be the door mat to a mans success. They actually share equal responsibility through different ways. From being a stay at home mom to being a CEO, a woman plays a high role in society. We have the privilege to help create new life and nurture our children but we also have dreams and desires that God has given us too. Not only that but God has placed woman throughout the Bible in many powerful ways. He even has placed them in authority. For example:

•Deborah was a judge, which was a high honor. People weren’t just picked or thrown into this position with carelessness. She accomplished great things because of this position of authority. One of them being that she prophesied that Sisera was to die at the hand of a woman (Jael) (Judges 4 & 5) and it happened!

•He used Queen Esther to save the Jewish people. I mean that was a big deal back then. You couldn’t just walk into the court room unannounced… I also think God used her because a mans word would have gone on deaf ears. (Book of Esther)

•Anna, an 84 year old widow, was a phrophet in the temple when Jesus was about 13 (Luke 2: 36-38)

•Priscilla and Aquila where used in Gods ministry and they also owned businesses (acts 18: 1-28

He even used women to spread the good news like the Samaritan woman at the well (John 4:4-26), and the women at the tomb (Luke 24). He met them where they where at and it doesn’t stop with them. Ruth, Tamar, Rahab, Moses sister Miriam, and even the woman who found Mose in a basket are just a few more examples of God using women in a place of authority.

Furthermore, God doesn’t just place people or women in positions for no reason (Jeremiah 29:11) God always has a purpose. I believe God has big plans for women and I think we have been given the time to reshape our mentality on how we treat women. I think we have to start looking at it the way God looks at it and If God has called you to be in a certain place then no one else’s opinions matter. You do it for the glory of God!

I can tell you Motherhood wasn’t something I was always interested in. When I was younger, I believed that I HAD to work to be someone of importance. When I did become a mom, I didn’t realize how much I would LOVE being home with them and taking in the rewarding task of motherhood. I tried to work while being a mom but nothing satisfied my desire to be home nurturing them. Motherhood has been a gift I didn’t know I needed until I became a mom. However, people have told me that’s my purpose so I feel guilty at times when I try to do anything other than motherhood. A mom or woman shouldn’t be shamed or be made to feel guilty for being obedient to the Lord. I know both places have their pros and cons and sacrifices…and a woman should not be thought less of especially if they are being obedient to the Lord. If God has called you to the place you are then nothing else matters. You are not lesser than because you are a stay at home mom or higher because you are single working as a CEO. When in doubt follow and listen to Jesus and He will never lead you astray.

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11 responses to “Gods Purpose For Women”

  1. So lovely to read your blog! All the way from India, much love!

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    1. Hello so nice to connect! Thank you for your kind words!

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  2. You really sparked my mind. I love the connections you made to women in the Bible and how God uses them. I have to agree with you 100% women are made for a purpose – not just a man. I thoroughly enjoyed your post and want to explore how God used and uses women more! Thank you!

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    1. Hi thank you for taking the time to read. I’m so glad you enjoyed the post. 🥰


  3. Reblogged this on Christian Mommas and commented:
    Bethany’s Post sums up a few things that have been on my mind lately. We live in an age where women are told to resist or neglect their feminity and the lie that the Bible promotes the oppression of women is being propagated. This post addresses these issues and encourages mothers to embrace the gift of motherhood with joy. Timely post!

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    1. Thank you for sharing! 🥰

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  4. You make an excellent point, Bethany! In my experience, I actually have found more folks that thought I should be out there having a big career than that I should be home. They wonder what I “do” all day.😏 Of course, now that all my kids are school age, the reasons I am home are more due to physical ailments than anything. Unfortunately, they are largely invisible, so there is a lot of explaining myself when someone asks the “what do you do?” question. I usually tell them, “What I can and what He directs me.” 🙂 I think that is the key to whatever we do in this life-whatever He directs, man or woman.

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    1. I think your right there too. I’ve never had someone guilt me personally for staying home but I can get what your saying and that must be frustrating at times. I love your response though “what I can and what he directs me.” That’s brilliant!

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  5. A great post! I greatly admire women who feel called to stay home with their kiddos. I worked a few part times through the years, mostly while my kids were in school. I don’t regret being at home with them. There’s no greater calling. God has a place for us all though. No matter our calling, it’s definitely best to pray and know where we need to be, as you pointed out. So so true!

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    1. Yes! I absolutely love being a stay at home mom. It’s definitely rewarding and challenging all at the same time. As long as we do it for the glory of God and be obedient to his will. 😊thank you for sharing!


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