Making Dandelion Jelly

I have a dandy post today about dandelions. Morse specifically dandelion jelly. For years, I’ve been dying to make some dandelion jelly and now I finally can!! I went out into my lawn yesterday and picked the biggest brightest dandelions I could find. It was sweet to watch my son help pluck them and…other things he thought were dandelions too…

We came back inside, I washed them and then discovered that in order to have sweet “honey” like jelly you have to take off all the green parts and then let them soak for 24hours. Let me tell you…my fingernails hurt! I never thought that was possible but they do. But before I did this I had a mini photo shoot with them. I know silly but I thought they looked so pretty.

Today I will be assembling, cooking down the liquid and canning the final product…I’ll keep you updated on the progress and how it turns out. Has anyone else made dandelion jelly?? How did it turn out? Hopefully my kids like the taste of it cause if they don’t I’m usually the one eating it all. I also think there are a couple benefits to eating dandelion jelly but I’m not sure exactly what they are right now. Something with magnesium?? Anyway here is the recipe if you would like to check it out 👉🏼 A Farm Girl in the making

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3 responses to “Making Dandelion Jelly”

  1. Whoa, I didn’t know you could do that! Can’t wait to see how it turns out 🙂

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    1. Yes, you can do it to pretty much any edible flower I’m guessing. 😊 I’ll be letting y’all know how it turned out soon!

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