Making Dandelion Jelly Pt 2

Oh. My. Goodness…

This dandelion jelly is absolutely positively DELICIOUS!

It taste like sweet honey with a slight floral flavor. At first I was like nope this smells like grass and that weird dandelion smell that it can have when holding their stems to long…but I’m glad I went through with it and plucking the green parts off was a great idea as it is not bitter.

I let my dandelions soak for 24 hrs, and then drained the liquid. The petals were looking rather drained…ha ha ha you get it because I had to drain them..ahem. Anyway, I kept the liquid and squeezed out what I could from the petals. I wish I had gotten a picture of that but it basically looks like a dryer ball. I then had to boil the liquid and stir constantly so it wouldn’t scorch at the bottom. This is where I added the sugar, pectin and lemon juice.

Boiling the liquid

Part one: Making Dandelion Jelly

After boiling, I set it aside to cook for a bit. I was supposed to water bath can them but I decided to make a couple jars for others to enjoy instead. I think it came out fabulous and it’s definitely something I will be doing again in the future.

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4 responses to “Making Dandelion Jelly Pt 2”

  1. That is so cool!! I’m glad it worked out 🙂 Do you eat it on toast or use it like you would grape jelly?

    Also, I love the light-hearted tone of this post. Your sense of humor is cute, you should let it shine more often 😄❤️

    Take care! Enjoy your jelly!

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    1. Thank you!! I am starting to let it shine more. Yes, you can eat on toast or crackers 😊

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  2. Cool! I have a friend who used to live down the way from me that would make things with dandelions. Her kids loved going out in their yard and help pick them for her. Unfortunately, our yard is pretty barren right now, but I will have to see about trying this in her honor when my yard comes back to life.

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    1. Aww that is sweet. I would love to know what you think when or if you do! 😊

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