Health Issues

Okay so I have been slacking on a lot of things and posting on social media is one of them. I have a lot of ideas but I’m unable to get them out consistently or on time because I’m not doing well.

It started in 2020 and seems to be getting worse going into 2021. I’ve been dealing with extreme exhaustion, stomach issues, fuzzy headaches with numbness and blurred vision and dizziness. Some days are better than others but sometimes it’s a struggle to get anything done and simple house chores can be debilitating. I don’t want to sound dramatic as I don’t like drama but I’m not feeling well. I also don’t want to forget to be grateful as I know I am a blessed woman even though My earthly body isn’t functioning well right now. A recent thing to be grateful for and I shared on my Instagram is that my book has been funded for may so we can move forward with the illustrations. It’s not fully funded but it’s definitely a blessing to have people out there believing in you and supporting your hopes and dreams. The books are not only a blessing to me but will be a blessing to my family. In the mean time I hopefully will get some answers for my health and my blogging may be sparse. Praying for some real answers and would love your prayers too.


11 responses to “Health Issues”

  1. […] my last post I mentioned that I was dealing with some health issues and I want to come here to say that we have found the cause of concerns. This is bittersweet […]


  2. Hello! I pray that you may be healed in Jesus Christ name. Great news about your book! God bless

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    1. Thank you! Ill receive the pray of healing!

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  3. I will pray for you. I hope you feel better soon! Blessings, Bethany!

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  4. We prayed for you this morning little sister


  5. Grateful for the testimony of the funding. More shall come forth. 🙏
    Sorry to hear about the health issues. I pray for Abba’s healing for you. 🙏 Do take care, ma’am. 🤗


  6. Congrats on the book and sending prayers. I can definitely empathize.

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  7. Sucks to hear about your health, and wishing you all the best with your recovery. Great news on your book though, and here’s to getting it off the ground!


  8. GREAT NEWS – Praying for you!!

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