You Got To Drive The Drive

Drive the drive. Do the hard work. Take the time

Watch your dreams take fly

As y’all may know I am dealing with some health issues….Nothing to serious but serious enough where it impacts my day to day activities..My social/online people probably think I’m MIA because I have not been on as much as I used to. Although I’m kinda liking the minimal social media thing.

Recently I started my IV treatments, antiviral medication, and supplements to help combat the symptoms of EBV. So far I still feel quite energized and revived as it was 3 weeks ago that I received them. We even went on a vacation and drove 24-30 hours, with kids to NY to see family.

I would love to do a post on the fun things we did and the people we finally met..(my kids hadn’t met their great grandmas.) but I want to talk about a small thought that had a big impact on me. We were about 12 hours into our drive back to Texas.

The first time we drove down we didn’t stop to rest. We pushed through and by the time we reached NY, we were burnt out, tired, cranky, and overwhelmed. But on the way down we decided to take a rest…at a very iffy motel…but it was a place to rest. The trip back to Texas wasn’t as hard, and it was smooth. So smooth that I enjoyed most of the drive down…except when out AC went out. Still, I longed to be home in my bed, my garden, see my Texas family, friends, and just be in Texas. That’s when it dawned on me how much the two trips mirrored my life. How the first trip was me when I didn’t take rest, pushed through with my own mere strength to reach my “goals and dreams.” It doesn’t work and it hasn’t worked for me. It leaves me burnt out and soiled. I have lost friends because of this narrowing work method.

The second trip showed how smooth…yet still hard…life can be. The second trip mirrors how we travel the road when we trust Jesus, the Holy Spirit and God to move in our life. When we allow ourselves to rest. The second trip shows the importance of rest throughout the process. We have to drive the drive, walk the walk, but how we decide to do it determines life during the time before we reach our end goals. This drive down was by far the best because we decided to rest and rejuvenate our bodies, and mind.

God has been teaching me a lot about patience, and how to enjoy the journey this last year. We all have to drive the drive, walk the walk, do the hard steps in life to get to where He wants us to be. However, don’t forget about the journey to the goal. That path has proven to be way more important to me than reaching the final outcome. It’s important for you and those around you. It forms you and the person you will one day be. And most importantly don’t be afraid to rest. God has been teaching me the importance of rest and how rest benefits us. Being tired, worn out and overburdened doesn’t show me a healthy dedication to a goal. So if you are reading this now here is your reminder to rest. Give your mind and body permission if you need to but find rest. I promise you will feel rejuvenated, refreshed and inspired once you get the needed rest you need in Jesus.

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