Appreciation Post

Y’all I don’t normally do this but I felt I needed to say thank you. I’m thankful that you are walking, growing, and joining me on my blogging journey. I’m so thankful for each and ever one of you that has encouraged me, taught me something new, and has prayed for me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I am thankful for the parts of this fatigue where it is teaching me to grow and to be okay trusting people to help me. I am thankful for the chance to praise God and to work on the flaws in my life. I am very thankful that God is teaching me to rest in this season and to value every blessing and person that comes my way.

I’m excited for the future as my family is blossoming, God is working out the kinks in my heart and my kids book is beginning to take wing. Cheers to y’all and what God has in store. Feel free to say hello in the comments and let me know what’s your favorite kind of sandwich!

Thank y’all for the love…sorry if this is cheesy.

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  1. Nice thanks for sharing

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