Beauty Isn’t About Size & Thighs + Health Update

I recently went to get my blood draw and thank the Lord my thyroid has leveled back out. Unfortunately my testosterone is still low so I’m looking at ways to boost that back up. Having low testosterone can make me fatigued, muscle aches, bloated, and retain weight. I’ve gained back about 13 pounds but I am not at all worried about that. You would think I’d be sad because my goal weight was 125. (Check out this blog for more details 👉🏼 My Weight Loss Reveal) But beauty isn’t found on the scale. I realize I could get to my final goal but it never will leave me satisfied. I will just want more and more until I realize that it isn’t worth it. It’s a choice to be content in what God has given us. Our identities do not need to be wrapped up in the weight loss cycle of nonsense. Realizing that my weight doesn’t define beauty has been a huge battle for me to believe because I’ve struggled with anorexia and weight dysmorphia for most of my life. But Beauty isn’t something that comes along with loosing weight. Beauty is already their inside you. It’s the kindness that we give. The atmosphere we make it to be. The attitude of gratitude and thankfulness..but Most importantly it’s realizing that God made us to be beautiful…weight and all.

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