Be Who You Are

Last year I was really interested in becoming a Youtuber. While I’m still interested in it I’m not obsessed with the idea of becoming one…instead I am content in just laying that dream to rest and spending time with my family. At the time, though, I was hungry to learn “how to be successful on YouTube.” I had joined a Facebook Youtube group because I didn’t really know a lot about YouTube and needed advice. One of the things I asked advice for was “How to grow your channel.” I was given a lot of good advice such as “be patient and just enjoy the process” or “find unique things you love to do and just post that.” There was a lot of fabulous advice to just be yourself and have fun but one piece of advice made me sad and it rubbed me the wrong way. The advice was “just do what the big youtuber are doing and you will be fine.”

Personally, I have never wanted to do what the big youtubers are doing. I was saddened to think that people thought the only way to be happy was to find fame and fortune by doing what the big youtuber did….If I’m not posting what I love, doing what I love or obeying Jesus then why be something I’m not?? To be honest, while some people are okay with posting everyday, or copying the famous YouTubers…..I’m more miserable following the “algorithm” or posting every week or being someone I’m not. It’s because it isn’t me and something I enjoy doing. I wanted to blog for many reasons but I was miserable posting every week. I feel at peace when I post when I can and what I want. “There is no set rules for me I’m free 🎶.” As a person who started their journey doing everything right in the worlds standards…I sure have enjoyed doing the opposite of them…being uniquely me and enjoying my time and people who come to my blog. So my advice for you today is: Be who God made you to be. Don’t be someone your not online just to gain a little fame or try to make money. I promise you it’s not worth it.

2 responses to “Be Who You Are”

  1. I can relate to you, but with blogging. I would love to make a living off of my blog someday, but I’m finding contentment now that I’m holding into that dream a little more loosely and blogging when I can/want to. I think it makes me more thoughtful with what I write too.

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    1. I agree with you. I enjoy blogging so much more when I do not place expectations on my shoulders.

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