Room Transformation

Okay so we have been living in our home for about 1.5 years and I think we finally decided what we want to do in the spare bed room. My husband and I were not able to renovate the room when we immediately bought the house…and that is OKAAY!! 😊 whether you are able to renovate something immediately or later on doesn’t matter. You are not a failure or behind if you can’t renovate something until years later and it’s okay to do things slowly. For this room, we plan to gradually add items to make it our unique taste.

At first the room was used as an office however we have a little spot in our bedroom that Is used as an “office” so it didn’t make sense to have two places for an office. We also attempted to use it as a guest bedroom but we thought the space would be better used for something else.. So far there is a play kitchen, curtains, a chest for toys, and a coffee table top in the room…can you guess what we are doing in here?

The lonely kitchenette

Hint: My husband and I took some time to sand down one of the walls because they are textured walls..but this is taking longer than I thought it would be.😅 So far we have gotten a quarter of the wall done. While I’m sanding ben will be Spackling over it…then I will sand over it again to make it nice and smooth. We want to have the wall be as smooth as possible. I know our method is not idea but it’s working. We also made a huge dust storm in that room…anything that was in there became covered with grey dust. Even my nose hairs were covered and they were covered by a cloth. We still have a ways to go to complete this room but I’m excited that we are getting it started.

The sanded area

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