Meeting God At The Dentist

The other day I brought my youngest kiddo to the dentist. When I was on my way to the dentist I took the wrong turn and had to go the long way around. This wasn’t all bad as it gave me some time to process something I had been feeling with God. The conversation kinda went like this:

“Hey God how am I supposed to reach people and love them if I’m always at home? My kids are super important but what good is a stay at home mom other than nurturing her kids?”

God replied: $200 dollars.

Clear as day…That was it.

“Two hundred dollars. Okay…to give? To receive?”

Two hundred dollars.

We got to the dentist office and walked in. To our surprise, our appointment wasn’t scheduled till next week. When they had sent me a text reminder I must have confused the “arrive 15 minute” part with the day I was supposed to be there so I came on the 15th instead of the 22nd.

The lady at the desk was very kind and accommodating. We took a seat and waited. As she looked to see if she could fit us in…as there were a couple cancellations that morning…a woman came in through the door with an ice pack on her face.

They previously had talked on the phone about a walk in to take care of a throbbing tooth. The lady at the front desk reminded her that the price for this procedure would be $200. Immediately, I knew what the $200 was for. My gut turned and I became excited. When she went into the room to have the procedure done. I ran up to the front desk with my kiddo and said “I want to pay for her procedure.” The lady asked me if I was sure and I said yes.

We were able to get our appointment in and after we had our appointment we went up to the desk to see if everything had processed. The two ladies at the desk said she was crying when she heard the news. They told me she was a single mother who worked as a maid and originally had the day off to spend with her kid but had to go into work to afford this procedure. I signed the papers and left with so much joy in my heart that God had taken care of her.

I do not tell you all of this because I want glory. There is no glory for me. In everything we do..we have a choice and an impact on people. Not only this but how good is God to take care of people? He didn’t just take care of the lady with the broken tooth but he took care of my heart in showing me how he can use me. I feel so humbled and joyful that God used me and I pray that He gets the glory every single time.

4 responses to “Meeting God At The Dentist”

  1. God is graceful in His ways. 💯
    Glad you were discerning too. 😊

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  2. What a beautiful story! So often we only want to know what someone else can do for us, not what we can do for others. But it’s so much more important and so much more meaningful to everyone to do something for others. One small gesture can mean the world. Thank you so much for this and for the reminder. And thank you for your beautiful soul.

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    1. Thank you for the very sweet comment. I agree it’s always means much more when we do things for others. 🥰

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