Debt Free Journey #5 Trusting God

For awhile Ben and I struggled with our finances. Even though we had started to lay a good foundation, we were still not seeing the progress we wanted to see. We met with an awesome person of faith who suggested we surrender our finances to God.

We knew God was great, the creator of the universe but what we failed to realize was that our finances were Gods and He cares where and how we use it. The first thing we had to realize was that money is something we needed but it wasn’t something that we had to be enslaved too. So in this time we prayed and surrendered our finances to him.

My husband had a harder time with this because all his life he had been in control of his income. The hardest part for him was trusting that we would have supernatural income when giving out of a place of need. For myself, I had an easier time trusting that God was in control of our finances. There were times we both doubted but we always came back to the place where we surrendered to God. We prayed about what His will for our finances were , and gave when We felt God was calling us to. This took a lot of faith for us and trust as we were put through circumstances that just didn’t make sense to us.

This person of faith suggested to reach out to other couples to seek their advice and accountability through this process. During this time we realized that money was never meant to be stagnant but to flow. God has a purpose for our money and he cares what we do with it and how we use it. It’s important to realize that what we earn, receive, and give is all Gods.

In this next part, I have some amazing stories that happened to us which I will share with you. A lot of this has been supernatural and amazing to see how God provided time and time again and that He loves us and cares for us. I know some people reading may not know God but I am asking you to step out in faith and follow along with me. I hope you enjoy these stories.

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