15 week update and blackberry picking!

So I think I’m a few days behind but here it is my 15 week update.

Lately I have been feeling pretty good. The bad days seem to be on and off and consist of nausea, vomiting, tiredness, food aversions, and dizziness. On my good days, I seem to be able to eat more and I’m not as dizzy or nauseous. I am still tired and have very thick pregnancy brain. I’m not showing very much either. I am very thankful that God has shown me so much grace throughout this pregnancy.

Ben and I were able to hear the heart beat of baby and the little pumpkin looks good! We are very thankful and continue to pray for a good and healthy pregnancy and baby.

On another note we went berry picking today!! My little guy loved eating the berries. I was proud that he was able to pick them off the bush and eat them. Although he did think the red ones were raspberries and snuck a few of those in his mouth too. When we showed him the bucket he went in, grabbed a handful, and shoved them into his mouth. Takes after his mama, can’t pass a good berry up.

Of course, we are always honest when we go to pay and let them know we ate some as we went and tip them extra or pay to make up for it. They never seem mad at that and probably understand it’s hard for some people to go berry picking and not sample a few.

As we were heading down the rows, my husband who is a teacher at heart, patiently spoke to him, showing him what berries to eat and which ones not too. I would hear “no, no that is a red one we don’t eat those ones” or “those aren’t ripe yet we have to leave them so other people have a chance to pick them.” It was a precious learning moment and I’m very thankful we got to share this moment together.

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