Postpartum update #2

Hello, hello and welcome back to our blog! Today I am sharing with you on how postpartum is going for us. For privacy reasons, I wont be sharing to much medically but I thought it would be nice to share how we are feeling, how we are adjusting to 2 kids under 2, and how to navigate not having family here to help.

Let me start with my little ones. Oliver is growing and gaining weight each week. He is going to bed around 8-9:30 and is sleeping mostly throughout the night but wakes up around 1:30 and 4:30 to eat. He fits into 0-3 month clothing items and we are switching to using infant cloth diapers with using disposable at night.


My 2 year old, Jediah, has not been feeling well and I believe its due to him teething. He is starting to eat more but earlier in this week he didn’t want anything to eat and was having tummy issues. We think he may have had a viral stomach bug as well. Thankfully he is doing so much better!! He loves his brother and wants to hold him all the time or touch him, especially in the face. He isn’t having as much of a hard time when I nurse Oliver but he still thinks my milk makers are his.


I personally am getting back on track as I am learning how to schedule and plan for two kids instead of one. Lately I have felt a little emotional which could have a lot to do with my son Jediah and myself not feeling well.. I have been feeling more frustrated and needing time to step away and relax more.

I am trying to have a positive attitude and give myself grace with how my body is looking as well. I know it will take time and exercise to be able to get back down to where I was before. I just want to fit in my old clothes again. Currently my weight is 154 and that is 30 pounds away from my pre-pregnancy weight which is overweight for my size. No rush though as I’m not always bothered by this and am more concerned on getting enough sleep.

My husband and myself are super tired which I know to be normal. I know it would be super awesome and relieve a lot of stress on us if we were closer to family but we are not there financially to just switch jobs or move. We like living in Texas but the housing market is really expensive for a one house income and a family of 4. These are things to be praying for as we decided what is best for our family.

Are you postpartum? How are you feeling?


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