Body Image *Vulnerable post

Before I became pregnant with, Oliver I was 129lbs. I was only 5 pounds away from being a “normal” weight for my height and age. I had spent the year working out and eating right to reach my goal but then I became pregnant with my second baby boy…mysteriously. Just Picking! This was a shock as I was still not sure if I was ready for another baby but life will make you ready. Now I have not talked to much about how I feel during pregnancy but I have a harder time during it. I become sick and I gain an extraordinary amount of weight for my height.

During my pregnancy, I gained about 50lbs and that’s not including 10lbs of fluid and 9lb 8 ounce baby. In addition, I also have a lot of stretch marks which I’m okay with most days. Now I know I am a very blessed woman to have my two boys and I am not complaining, but I just want to share how I feel and show you what my body looks like now. I am very self conscious about all these photos but I know they need to be shown. Why? Because I want other mamas and women to not be afraid of these marks, scars, and weight. I want women to be confident when they feel like quiting and beautiful when they look in the mirror. Dont give up on your goals because God made you unique and for a purpose. The way we think of ourselves is important and can reflect in our mood, style and day. We made babies and that’s an amazing thing for our bodies to do. Give yourself grace.

So what am I planning to do? I am planning to document my journey as I workout and eat healthy. I plan on working out for 45 minutes a day. I plan on doing high intensity workouts mixed with cardio. I will be posting updates every week so we can both follow along in this body image journey. I also want to state that I am doing this because I know my body will feel better and my emotional state will improve. That is actually the main purpose of this and that I had a pretty rockin wardrobe before I became pregnant and I want to wear them again.

Before pregnancy:

Here is my body after pregnancy:

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