Completely Exhausted

Okay where are my tired people at!? Can I get a like for every tired person here..jk I know it doesn’t work that way?? I wish I was tired like how I was “tired” in high school. Lately I have been struggling so much with being completely exhausted. I know I haven’t been getting very much sleep but when I do sleep I am not getting a deep sleep. I am finishing out the hours I was scheduled for work but my second son is teething and he is having a miserable time. The poor guy breaks my heart.

But I am struggling from when I wake up in the morning till I lay my head down and then I’m AWAKE at night time and want to get things done. and the cycle repeats every day. I am starting to have bags under bags under my eyes. I know my hormones are still out of wack too. I need something to help me stay awake or recorrect my system. I have tried coffee but it makes me physically ill so if you have any suggestions I am open to it!! Thanks.

2 responses to “Completely Exhausted”

  1. Another exhausted mom right here! I’m not working, but have a First Grader doing distance learning and a toddler who teases me about potty training. We all sleep through the night, most nights, but the days are just so long and exhausting that the amount of sleep never seems like enough. I wish I had some ideas, or even one half baked idea, but, haha, I’m too tired to think.

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    1. I think it’s good to have someone to relate to or someone who understands so no worries! I understand potty training as we are doing that ourselves. Some days there is victory and some days it’s all a learning process for everyone.

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