Things I have Learned Since Being A Mom

Motherhood man what can I say about motherhood?? There is so much involved in motherhood that this post isn’t even going to touch the surface of what I feel about being a mom. Being a mom is full of excitement, love, joy, happiness but sometimes motherhood can be SO hard. Don’t get me wrong, I love waking up and seeing their smiling or sometimes not so smiling faces. I love the privilege to be able to see them grow before my eyes. But Before I became a mom I didn’t realize there were SO many things that would change. Of course I knew getting in and out of the car would be a 20..sometimes 30 minute ordeal. Of course I knew I wouldn’t be able to just do whatever I wanted to do whenever I felt like it. I knew my life was going to change and that accomplishing my career goals would be harder but no one ever told me how much harder and how much you personally change throughout this process. It’s like there is a hidden DNA strand that comes alive when you become a mother. There is so much involved in raising little kids. I also didn’t realize that EVERYONE all of the sudden had an opinion on the matter. EVERYONE has something to say and it’s not always helpful. In addition, what is with these mom blogs who think their way is better than yours??

You don’t deserve a gold star because you chose to pay for organic food or live differently. Don’t get me wrong, kids need nutrition, clothing, and healthy nurturing but your kids not going to suffer if they eat a chocolate bar once in a blue moon. Everything needs to be in moderation and in balance. Let’s just say having an opinion or respectful disagreement is one thing but setting your way as the only way is being narcissistic and plain out RuDE DuDe. And to be fair, I’ve probably been that rude mom before because Im human and I don’t always take my own advice. Anyway this blog isn’t for berating crazy mom bloggers or Youtub-ers, this is my view on how motherhood has changed me and things I didn’t know before becoming a mom. Of course there are more than 5 things that I didn’t know about raising kids but these are the things that stuck out the most. So I wanted to share with you because I don’t want you to be surprised like I was. So without further ado let’s get to it!! 👉

1. Always Changing Diapers/Clothes

Didn’t I just change you? And didn’t I just wash this shirt? Yup! Having kids is like asking for loads of laundry and that’s okay. You want to get messy? Fine by me!! You want to play in the mud?? Have at it!! Messy boys = Playful Joys!! Poopy diaper 3 times a day?? Glad to see your healthy!! But Why do you poop after I change you?? Pee, pee, pee, and pee some more?? Yup I am your constant human toilet paper. I make sure you are clean and that your butt is always changed…even if it’s 30…no 40..times. A. Day. Happy bum = Happy mom!

2. No Personal Time/Never Alone

Ugh this one is a trigger for me. I love the cuddles, the sweet hugs, the wrestling, tickles and piggy back rides but I also love not to be touched. I love not having family meetings in the bathroom as I go to the bathroom or having someone dump something over or touches something as I’m working on a project. To much touching makes my skin hurt and I’m not kidding either. There gets to a point where my skin feels raw just because someone has pulled on my shirt, hair, or skin multiple times a day. I’m not complaining because I love them next to me but I also need to realize there needs to be a balance and to much of one thing even if it’s baby cuddles can be a lot.

3. Always Cleaning/Feeding

More than once a day my kids pull me over to the cabinet or fridge for snacks. I swear he eats more than I do and I get that saying “I don’t know where he/she puts it.” Furthermore, Whenever I open the fridge door, it’s like I open the doors to heaven themselves. Everyone is right there when I open the door to the fridge. Then I get my workout in as I lunge in to grab one out of the fridge before the other one runs back and try’s to steal the bread of something else out of the fridge. I swear motherhood should be an Olympic sporty. Another phrase I get is “Hunny, I swear I have been cleaning all day.” I finally get why moms are so tired and their house looks like a hurricane came through. I finally get why dads probably think their wives don’t do anything and who could blame them on what they see. I never like to assume my husband understands so I enjoy having him experience what I go through to see what he thinks. Thankfully he is a kind and understanding man and knows how hard it is to keep up with everything. Food time is messy, play time is messy, and nothing is ever clean. Normally this doesn’t stress me out and once again I’m not complaining because this messy house is blessed with happy boys. Just letting you know it will be messy and to not stress the mess. Allow yourself grace to leave the dishes in the sink and play with your kids. It will make you happier in the long run I promise you. And your kids will enjoy the playtime together.

4. Constant Stress On Senses

I’ve worked 3 jobs where I had to multitask and hear various noises all day long. In my 5 day work week 3 of those days I worked from 8am to 2am in the morning with a 2-3 hour break in between. On top of this, I went to school for massage on the weekends. This all was a breeze compared to having kids. I am ALWAYS tired, achy, multitasking, being touched, or hearing various noises. Being pregnant was difficult for me and Postpartum hormones are hard to deal with. All you want to do is enjoy your kids but you feel tired and dragging most of the time…or maybe this is just me. I understand I am raising free willed expressive children but that doesn’t mean my senses don’t need a break once in awhile from the constant yelling, talking, touching, toy noises or whatever else. I truly do love nursing, the cuddling, the hugs, but not all day long. It can be hard when there is someone always touching you, crying, laughing, and loud noises always being made. It’s a lot of stimulus for the brain to handle and you feel like you will never get the chance to just do something without somebody needing you. There is a constant stress on all your senses and all your senses may be active all at the same time. This can cause stress on the body and stress on the mind. The best solution I have found for this is to bring the kids for a walk, go outside, go for a drive, or something where you don’t have to be holding someone or being held onto. Or putting on soft music and allowing them to play by themselves.

5. Unconditional Love/ Never Go Back

I am constantly learning something new each day. The joy I see in my kids face brings warmth to my heart. I would NEVER take back this time. It’s hard, stressful and long but I never knew how much I could possibly love someone else so much. I never knew how protective I could be over someone and lay down my life so they can prosper. The unconditional love goes deep and it never stops. These kids have made me proud and I treasure them every moment. I’m glad for the hard parts, the messy parts, and the sweet beautiful moments. I am glad God entrusted me to take care of them and I pray that they learn from my flaws every single day. Coming from a woman who never saw herself as a mom, I would pick being a mom over being a CEO any day!! Parenting is a career path that I would pick over and over again without a doubt. The unconditional love that is put in a day is continuous and never ending. So in conclusion, parent hood is full of surprises but it’s a fantastic journey worth taking. When I was younger I thought I needed clothes, money, fancy car and people to love me but God knew those things would never satisfy my heart. God gave me my family to love, nurture, raise, and guide in the best way that I know how too. I didn’t know that I wanted to be a mom till I had kids and I am so glad I have them. In my life. Being a mom completes me and I am excited to watch them grow into beautiful adults.

6. Faith

I decided to add a bonus one and add that having kids has helped me understand Gods love for me as his child. It helps me see the unconditional love he has for all of us when he sent his son to die on the cross. I don’t know about you but I wouldn’t ever be able to do what God did. It breaks my heart even thinking about it. But God had a plan and purpose and being a parent helps me understand just a glimpse of what his love is for us. It’s strengthened my faith in God. We are not perfect people but He is and loves us very much. I am happy God chose me to be my kids mom. I know He finds joy in watching, helping and guiding me through motherhood. God is the best parent, and example on how to love someone unconditionally. I hope this helps you in your journey of parenting. ✌🏼

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