Dear Thoughts..


I’ve been thinking…a dangers pastime..I know.

But it’s occurred to me that I’m very content with the people God has placed in my life as friends, family, blogger friends, social media and life. Let’s just say I’m happy with the true small following than the huge saying this I still love interacting with people and uplifting them and reading their blogs or supporting them somehow.

You see..

The last year I’ve asked God to root out the bad stuff in me and boy does he do a fine job of doing that. In this time, I’ve realized I am a blessed woman and I haven’t been acting like a blessed woman. I haven’t given thanks to God for all I have and truly meant it. I’ve just been trying to chase someone else’s dream or things and that’s not healthy. I think I’ve almost demanded things at times. Anyway, I have been finding peace and am continuing to find peace with life. God has shown me where the root of rejection started in my childhood and I’ve been able to work on what I need to to heal this wound. That’s all for now!

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4 responses to “Dear Thoughts..”

    1. Thankful for you as well!! 🥰

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  1. God loves you and you are precious to him 🙂

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