Below 50

Hello y’all,

Today we are talking about this Texas power outage. Recently, we have been personally dealing with the Texas power outage. Our power went out at 4am Monday morning and still has not been turned on. We have been very thankful for our neighbors as they all teamed together to make sure everyone was taken care of. We thankfully are blessed with a gas stove and we’re able to heat up food and we had running water.

Unfortunately due to the dropping temperature our house did not stay pleasantly warm. We bundled up, and tried to conserve the heat as much as possible. We covered the windows, doors, and hurled down in one room for bedtime. Surprisingly it was warm and our kids loved the mega bed we made with the two queen mattresses. When we woke up our power was still out so we made the decision to take up our friends offer and spend the remainder of the time at there house until we get consistent electricity back.

We drove super slow and it was interesting to see so many of us driving slow as we are usually speedy Mcspeedy on the road. It was even humorous to see a small digger “plowing” the roads. But Like all things though God has a reason for things and if our electricity didn’t go out then we would have never stopped at the theater to find out half of the roof of his building had clasped due to a sprinkler head bursting. He was able to call the cops, and the main water man came and turned off the water. Anyway, we are safe and sound at our friends house and SOO thankful for our health, safety, heat, hot showers, electricity and warm toes.

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  1. Hello from Portugal! I have been reading about the power outages on the news, so glad that you and family are well! Will keep on praying for you all in Texas. Much love and God bless


  2. Oh, goodness. I didn’t realize you live in Texas. I hope everything goes back to normal soon. Take care!!

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  3. I am glad to know you are safe❤

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  4. It’s an adventure that those in Michigan are use too. Glad everyone is ok.

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    1. Yes i hope everyone is okay as well! I am born and raised New Yorker so I’m more used to this. However, Texas doesn’t have all the equipment to take care of this kind of weather because they usually do not get this kind of weather. Many have been without power since Monday..including us. 😔

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  5. Glad you’re ok! I was going to text you to see if you were ok. So thank you for this. It’s like being in NY all over again! Stay safe, I have a friend in Fort Worth and the people cannot drive in weather like this!

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    1. Oh you are good! I have been trying to save my phone battery but yesterday I was able to charge it. I am praying for safety for your friend. The roads are still bad but highways are clearing.

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  6. Both my sisters have been experiencing this as well. Fortunately my older sister had power now, and my younger sister in another Texas city has been able to stay with her boyfriend’s parents. We are very fortunate here in EP. No outages, and the weather is warming up every day. Stay safe and stay warm!

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    1. I’m hoping for warm weather again. You would think I would be used to this as I am born and raised New Yorker but I think I’ve acclimated to Texan weather. Thank you for your prayers! 🥰

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      1. I totally understand! We are originally from Colorado, but once you get used to warm weather, it’s hard to handle the cold!

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        1. It really is! I guess my body has been spoiled with nice weather.

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